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Emiel De Cloedt

 Emiel De Cloedt ( Bruges ,13 february 1931 - 03 july 2017 ) is a Belgian composer , music educator , conductor and trumpeter .

Emiel De Cloedt got acquainted with music in th boy-scouts movement .He received his first lessons in the Scoutband Sint-Leo in Bruges in 1941.He studied music theory , trumpet and later counterpiont and fugue at the Municipal Conservatory in Bruges and earned a first prize with great distinction. He continued his musical studies at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent where he after only one year of study acquired a first prize for trumpet with distinction . In the same year he was recruited by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera of Ghent where he stayed until 1972.

At the end of 1951 he gegan a career as a military misicain in Charleroi . In 1984 he changed for the Band of the Belgian Navy in Ostend headed by Jos Hanniken . During this time he also completed his studies in theory of harmony with Maurits Deroo . With this teacher he also studied counterpiont and fugue and earned a first prize on both subjects with distinction . With Jos Hanniken he studied Band-conducting and with the Bulgarian conductor Atanas Margaritov he studied orchestra-conducting .He resigned from the Band of the Belgian Navy in 1976 .

He was brass instrument teacher at to the Municipal Conservatory in Bruges and at the Municipal Music Academy in Knokke-Heist .

Emiel De Cloedt was the founder and condoctor of the Noordzee BrassBand in Bruges . He still conducts The Noordzee BrassBand

As a composer he wrote compositions for band and brassband

Works for brass bands and concert bands

1967   Miniature Symphony

1972   Suite voor Blaasorkest  ( Won 1e prize at the provincial Composition West-Flanders 1972 )

           Satisfaction - Melancholy - Gladness .

° Eight Corals

° Beguine for band , for brass band

° Bengali , march

° BMK Mars , Bruges Music Corps Mars

° Brass Band Tango , for brass band

° C'est Saint-Pol-Sur-Mer , march

°The Bruges Parade

° Gallopade

° Goede Vaart

° Here we are

° Play Inn

° Symfonietta

° That's all , march

° Three Moods

° Waltzing brasses , for brass band

° Johann Schrammel , march



Chamber Music

° Alla Marcia , for hornand piano

° Horn Quartet


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